Paul was a man of prayer though he may not have been to Colosse, he was praying earnestly for them.  I will only put out the various things that Paul was praying about for them.  The first that they would be filled with the knowledge of His will.  They were to have all wisdom and spiritual standing.  We don't deal with cold facts but spiritual understanding.
Next we have the word "walk" which means our very life, used a number of times in the New Testament.  This walk was to be worthy of the Lord fruitful in every good work.  Someone used the term about "faith plus nothing".
There are times people trust Christ and seem to do nothing as far a good works are concerned.
The word power is used twice.  We are strengthened with might according to His glorious power.  Then we are delivered from the power of darkness and brought under the power of God's Son.  In Him we have redemption and forgiveness of sins. All I have left to say is this I stand.  I have the power of God and I intend to use it.

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