This is Paul's salvation to the Collosians after writing a very nice letter. One thing I see in this he mentions some of his special friends known to the Colossian Christians.
Tyocus must have written and carried the letter.  Then there was Onesimus a former slave that ran away to Rome, now called by Paul a faithful brother.  Then there was Mark once Paul not wanting to take him on a missions trip, now mentioned as faithful.  Then there was Epaphras who seems to be noted here and other places as a man of prayer.  Luke who was with Paul on that dangerous trip to Rome was still with him ministering to Paul to the very end of his life in the prison at Rome.
These were all faithful men which brings me to the question.  Am I that faithul to Christ and to others who I know and love in Christ?  I don't know who will be reading this but are you considered faithful to Christ and His people?

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