There are many interpretations about these verses as to whom this king is that is mentioned here.  I do believe this vision is still in the future.  Daniel’s seventy weeks of years mentioned in chapter 9:24-27 tells of 69 weeks, of which each week represents    7 years for a total of 483 years up until Christ’s crucifixion and then we have the unreckoned time of what we call the Church age and then we have the last week (seven years), probably bringing us right up to the second coming of Christ which we find described in Revelation 19:11-16.  This was also mentioned by our Lord Jesus in Matthew 24:15.

Michael is mentioned in in chapter 12:1.  He is the warrior angel.  His special duty is the well-being of the nation Israel.  There is a time of trouble coming, probably answered by Revelation chapter 12 where Israel will again be scattered for the last time.  The deliverance will come for all the people written in the book, probably the same Book of Life where our names are written.  God is a great bookkeeper.  He knows who are His own.  However this is about the future Israel, His ancient people.  The final thing here is people awakening from the dust, some to everlasting life, and some to everlasting destruction.  This probably speaks of beyond our time of what we call the Rapture.  There are people saved in the last seven years of Daniel’s prophesy too.  However now if we know Jesus we are safe because of His blood. 

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