These verses are the instructions for the freeing of a slave.  They were to remember that they were slaves in the land of Egypt.  It is good to remember our slavery to sin.  I was a total slave to sin.  When I look at a fellow believer it is good to remember what I was before I met Christ.
It is also mentioned what was to happen if a slave did not want to leave his master.  He was to have his ear lobe pierced against a pole and then he was to be a slave forever or as long as his master needed him.
Looking at the above paragraph we should be slaves of God.  We should in a typical sense have pierced ears.  Jesus also in a symbolic typical sense had a pierced ear.
Next, we have the ordinance of going up to the place where God chose to put His Name with animal sacrifices.  It was to be a time of yearly worship.  You will notice that these animals were to be without blemish and not blind or lame.  God is not to get second best.  I am wondering whether we give God un blemished worship.  We must examine ourselves.  In Moses time and now it is grace.  Should it be less?

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