This is the beginning of what could be the swan song of Moses.  After this he would go up to Mount Pisgah where God would show him the land and then He would perform a private funeral and go to his eternal home.
Moses said his words would drop as rain and dew.  The word of God brings total refreshment.  Our preaching should be that way too.
God is known as the Rock.  His work is perfect.  Everything He did in the wilderness was perfect.  It was men and their ways that were chaotic.  It is the same now as when Jesus was here.  Can you imagine Jesus in the carpenter shop.  People must have come there to buy those tables and chairs because they couldn't be anything but perfect.
In verse 8 Moses speaks of the Most High dividing the nations.  This didn't just happen.
Then he speaks of taking up with Jacob and making a people for His name.  Why Jacob and not Esau?  This proves what God could do, and He will continue to do with the people of Israel far into the future. 
My question is, "Are we with it? Are we in tune with the ways of God?"

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