The Jews grumbled against Jesus because he called himself the "Bread of Life."  Well...Jesus was just getting started.  Next he would assert that the Bread of Life which was going to be given for the life of the world was his own flesh.  He contrasts his offering of his own flesh with the manna of the wilderness wanderings which the people had just asked for.  He reminded them that everyone who had eaten manna was now dead.  However, anyone who will partake of (or believe in) this Bread of Life with have everlasting life. 

Jesus Christ offered his body for us on the cross when he died, paying the penalty for our sins.  Will you partake of this bread which is freely offered to you?  Will you turn to Jesus Christ and his shed blood alone for your salvation?

If you already have, rejoice!  Eternal life has been freely given to all those who have trusted in the work of Christ

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