This verse presents us as once darkness, but now light in the world.  I know all about that darkness that I was in but now I’m in the light.  We are to walk as children of light. There is no cause for going backward.  Our life is to be characterized by the fruit of the Spirit.  Here the list is goodness, righteousness and truth.  A bigger list is Galatians 5:22-23. Next we must find out what is acceptable to the Lord.  We must constantly look for this.  Christians being at home with worldly ways and worldly people do not help.  We are to expose them.  How can we expose someone we count as friends? Paul here says it is shameful even to speak of things done by them in secret.  I used to do a pleasant sarcasm about their ways. I don’t do that anymore.
Then we have a word from Isaiah the prophet, “Wake up if you are asleep and arise from the dead. Christ will give you light.”  
I am stopping my quotations here.  I must ask myself, “Am I doing what I need to do or am I slacking off in what I said here and if I do how can I repair it?”
Written by Pastor Curt Darling

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