This section of verses speak of children & parents and slaves & masters. I can't be sure exactly what is meant by the first commandment with promise.  However this promise is mentioned in the ten commandments.  I really don't see any recorded promises in the rest. Now how is this promise fulfilled? I do believe if a child obeys parental authority there is peaceful living and that I do believe is healthy living and that may lead to a longer life.  I am saying this more at 84 years old, but I do have to confess my young life was not characterized by obedience to my parents.  Probably more the opposite.  Yet I was saved by the grace of God at 21 and here I am at a ripe old age.  it is all of God and not of myself.  Fathers if the children are doing well don't continually grip at them asking for them to do better.
Paul does not do anything about slavery, but just tells slaves how to treat their masters.  He tells them their masters are subject to the greatest Master which is Christ that they should look beyond their master to Christ.  Masters in treating slaves should do the same as unto Christ. Now all of this is to be observed by me, not as the matter of slavery, but relationships even in times when any authority is there.  Our employer may be the worst boss yet we are to honor him as if he was Christ.
By Pastor Curt Darling

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