There have been times we have to wait for God to turn things around.  Already it was beginning to turn.  However, this was not without the help of Mordecai and Esther.  Now it is true that God can do anything, by Himself, but most of the time He uses people in the accomplishment of His will.  Mordecai in his statement to Esther in chapter 4:14 was:  If you don't do it (ie. go to speak to the king) then help will come from another place.  That was a statement of faith.  Then in chapter 6 we have the unfolding of God's plan to exalt Mordecai and eventually destroy Haman. 

I find it interesting that Haman's friends told him to build a gallows to hang Mordecai, and after the banquet that Esther made, and the accusation that was brought forth about Haman's plot, he was hanged on the very gallows that he had made for Mordecai.  I am sure that things like this have been repeated many times over in the world since that time.  It was similarly repeated in the incident of Daniel and the lions den.  The people that accused him were destroyed.  I am sure this lesson is good for us too.  We may have animosity toward someone.  Be careful, what we plan could be turned around to our peril.

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