I find it quite interesting why the lamb that was killed for each family was called the Passover.  Of course the Lord said, “When I see the blood I will pass over the house where the blood was on the door.” Another thing I will say is no matter who may disagree with God who is Sovereign, and what mortal man is able to disagree with Him. 
In verse 26 God said, “When your children ask why you do this service?” they were to explain it very plainly. I find it very necessary that we explain things to the children.  It has to be carried on. I wonder how many who grew up in America even know what the Passover is and what it represents. It is symbolic of the Lord Jesus death on the cross. (I Corinthians 5:7)  Of course here the death of the firstborn of Egypt would have to be told also to their children. 
Now in closing this I want to ask myself what is the meaning and what if my children ask?  Do I know the story well enough to relate to any child that asks? My Bible is such a small book.  I in 65 years have memorized its contents so that I can almost tell them all they want to know.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling

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