A true miracle indeed was the Manna. It came down every day for five days and on the sixth day a double amount so that the Israelites would not have to go out and gather on the Sabbath day.  In fact some went out to get some and nothing was there.  Nothing was said in the Bible of neither how it was produced nor how it was a certain amount for 5 days then doubled the amount on the sixth day and nothing on the seventh day.  Now God was very jealous of the attitude of the Israelites about how they felt about the manna because in John 6 Jesus compares Himself symbolically as the Manna that came down from Heaven and I will say that He is.  Now in Numbers 21:5 the Israelites called manna worthless bread and God sent serpents to bite them.  Then God told Moses to make a brass serpent and hang it on a pole and a look of faith at the serpent healed them.  Jesus symbolically said that like the serpent in the wilderness He would hang on the cross and whoever believed would have eternal life.  By the way the manna stopped when they crossed Jordan River and came into Canaan.  Now God’s provision was to be another way.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling

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