In these verses it was God giving instructions and nothing left for Moses to choose.  So much for the ingenuity of man.  I wonder if that is true in what we call Christianity today.  For instance where in the Bible are various denominations and why are the doctrines different?  Where are the various kinds of titles except evangelists, pastors and teachers, these different men with separate gifts? (Ephesians 4:11)
Another thing about the ark was there were four rings in the ark and two poles made from Acacia wood overladen with gold so the ark could be carried by four chosen men (Levites). These poles were always to be in the rings of the ark. An interesting story about this was in first and second Samuel where two new carts were made to carry the ark and the death of David’s precious men suffered because of it.  God’s way is best no matter what I may think.  Keep the gold plated poles in the ark. Never mind about our ingenuity.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling 

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