In these verses we find some interesting phrases and words.  For instance where was Moses leading sheep? It was the back of the desert. He was tending his father-in-law's sheep.  Now he comes to an interesting place called Horeb and in this verse called "the mountain of God".  He would return to this spot later after leading the Israelites out of Egypt. Strange things happen when you are around the mountain of God.  It was here the Angel of the LORD appeared to Moses like fire in a simple little bush. It looked strange to him that the bush didn't burn up.  I would like to say here if you are a believer in the Bible you will find interesting things.  If you hang around on the back side of the desert who knows what you will find.
Now the Angel calls him by name. I believe the bush was significant symbolically of Israel who went through a lot of trials but is a strong nation even today.
The Angel which I believe is preincarnate Christ told Moses, "Take off your shoes you are standing on holy ground." I wrote about that statement appearing in the magazine "Grace and Truth" in January 2019.  You are standing on holy ground and so am I.  Moses had to choose to obey or not.  Do I?
​Written by Pastor Curt Darling

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