Moses words in this chapter were, "suppose they will not believe me?" We have to be careful of that word suppose.  It could be a word of defeat.
Now God gives Moses a sign as to what He can do if God is with him.  God says, "What is in your hand?" Moses said, "A rod." God said, "Cast it on the ground." It became a serpent.  When by the command of God Moses reached out and grabbed it by the tail it became a rod again.  It was signs like this that was to make Israel believe.  I want to divert here to say, what do I have that God can use to accomplish God's purpose?  With this same rod God wrought miracles in Egypt.  It was the same rod who struck the Red Sea and it parted. It also let the Israelite's pass over and killed the Egyptians Army. The second sign was to have Moses put his hand in his bosom and it became leprous, then when putting his hand in his bosom a second time it was clean and restored.  This was a test of what was inside of Moses.
As I look over theses verses I could ask myself, "What am I really like and what are my motives?" It could tell a real tale.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling

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