Now that Moses reasons for not giving to Egypt were not accepted by God, it was now right to tell Pharaoh not their plan but God's.  It was first said to have a feast to God in the wilderness.  I am sure it took fortitude for Moses and Aaron to go to a powerful king like Pharaoh and tell him that.  I do want to say here when God paves the way it will work.  I need that kind of assurance in my own life also.
Pharaoh's answer was, "Who is the LORD that I should obey?" He ended by saying, "I do not know the LORD." I want to pause to say this, "Do words whether Israel carried any kind of testimony that would in any way influence Pharaoh or any of the Egyptians." Remember Joseph? He was a great influence to Pharaoh.  Even in the case of refusing Potiphar's wife she knew where he stood before God. With Joseph gone he was soon forgotten.
Eventually Moses and Aaron would win out, but it would not be easy.  It was their persistence. There again am I persistent enough to get something done for the Lord. After a lot of prayers and much time Moses and Aaron won out.  However it was really God who won out.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling 

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