I can’t be sure what Moses meant exactly when he said I am of uncircumcised lips.  Moses told God earlier that he couldn’t speak well and possibly that is all he meant.  What I find most interesting is when God said to him, “See I have made you as God to Pharaoh.” I am wondering whether this is only true of Moses to Pharaoh, or when we preach and the Holy Spirit leads us, or even speaks through us that it not the same principle.  It is a matter of having command as control.  Then of course I would have to watch my speech that it is of God and not too much of me.   
In the next verse it told him by God that he is to say all that God command and Aaron is to relay it to Pharaoh.  I hear an interesting term.  I will harden Pharaohs heart.  One thing I have learned about God is that He does what He wants and He doesn’t need to ask me whether I agree with Him or not.  That is why a lot of people will not accept Him. They sometimes feel they are nicer than God. I notice next the age of Moses and Aaron.  Both of them are a little less than my age and I would not like God to send me on a mission like that.  Of course it is God that is to equip them.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling

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