There are certain things in these verses that I am amazed about.  First I do want to say that God is always God and we are but men.  In my 65 years in Bible reading and teaching I learned not to question Him.  Without proper faith in God this story does not seem real.  However in my many years in the Old Testament (Genesis to Malachi) is a complete story in itself. It is sometimes prophetically sometimes symbolically but  God is going somewhere which will eventually introduce to us the Man who is God and the Man Jesus Christ.
Now these frogs as I said above without God’s hand in it are preposterous.  Just think of the power given to Moses, or perhaps in the rod of Aaron. Just one stretch out of that rod and the frogs came.  So many that they covered the land and were with the people even in their beds.  Now Moses asks Pharaoh when he wants Moses to take them away and Pharaoh said tomorrow.  It was true and the only ones left were in the rivers and streams.
Now the almost unbelievable thing is that Pharaoh hardened his heart.  Do you feel that some of that is happening in our world today?  So if this is true how are we to act?
Written by Pastor Curt Darling

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