In the first verse of this chapter Moses asks Pharaoh to let the people go.  It seems Moses mentions one purpose is that they may serve God.  I like that purpose.  I wonder if all Christians do have that purpose.  We are plagued with Christians who serve themselves.  I will pause here to ask you to look at the 40 plus years of Israel in the wilderness.  Were they serving God during those years? Even after their presence in the land of Canaan?  Look at the book of Judges.  We have to be careful that our serving God is not up and down or maybe for some not at all.
Now Moses promised by God first of all that the cattle would be infected with all kinds of diseases but God makes a difference that nothing would happen to the cattle belonging to Israel.  Surely this should be enough for Pharaoh but it hardened his heart all the more.  I think some of our politicians are of this characteristic but I don’t name parties.  God will judge.
There is one more plague in our verses.  Boils and sores all over people.  Is this going to do it?  At times you can’t crack a hard heart. We need to examine ourselves.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling

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