First of all Ezekiel is given a commission to go to the Israelites. God says to him that it isn’t going to be pleasant because of their rebellious ways and their words might sting a little. I have been fortunate to have worked around Christians for the last 60 years, but I do know that in many parts of the world even Christians are not that fortunate.  However these people Ezekiel was to go to were God’s ancient people. They should have been different.
What he was to speak to them was the very words of God.  Now he saw a hand with the scroll of a book in the hand.  In that book were lamentations and mourning and woe.  God then tells Ezekiel to eat the scroll.  He did and it was as sweet as honey in his mouth.
What is God demonstrating to him?  To devour the book means to digest everything in it.  The same should be with our Bibles.  I have sought to devour it and digest it.  Sometimes it is sweet as honey and there is bitterness there too.  The whole 66 books are there for me to devour and shame on me if I don’t.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling

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