It was because of Solomon's disobedience Israel was separated to the Northern kingdom and Judah the Southern kingdom.  Israel was designed to be one nation from Abraham.  This prophesy from verse 15-28 speaks of a time when Israel will be put back together again.  Can God do it? He certainly can.  When we look at the New Testament especially the book of Revelation we will know it will happen.  I would like to say it is all because of Christ, but I don't have space enough to tell you that here.
You will notice that all those sticks have a name Judah, Ephraim, Joseph etc...  also as you look at the former chapters the people were to ask what all this meant. 
Now I want to explain that Ezekiel was to not only tell them that it would happen, but why it would happen.  As I want to use this in my own thought too.  I not only must read the Bible with the purpose of heart as to not only what will happen, but why.  Then we will tell people what will happen and in many cases why.  
Written by Pastor Curt Darling

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