In my last blog I mentioned how easy it was for the Jews to quit when ordered to.  Then when the two prophets got them started again opposition came from the outside.  It was then they wrote a letter to the king asking them to search to find out what Cyrus really said.  This search brought good news that Cyrus really did order the Temple to be rebuilt.  We get a little more of this in the book of Haggai the prophet of that time.  He accused them of spending time making their own houses fancy and leaving the house of God in disrepair. This seems to be the case today in the present church system of things.  When I say the disrepair of the church I am not talking about a building.  We are living stones.  This is torn down in all directions but the buildings are quite fancy in many cases.  What individual Christians need to do is find their place and get busy building the actual temple, the church of God.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling

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