This story in its completion goes all the way to the end of the chapter however my blog is finished in verse 23. There is an important word here and that is accountability.  A young man was looking for a job.  The manager said, “Are you responsible?” the young man said, “I must be for in my last job when anything went wrong I was responsible.” That is not what was meant here.
Ezra was to lead a group of the Jews back to Jerusalem to work and serve in the newly rebuilt temple.  They were each given certain valuable materials to be used in the temple.  They would travel through dangerous territories.  In verse 22 Ezra said he was ashamed to ask the king for soldiers for protection because he told the king that God was their protector.  The next verse they fasted and prayed and Ezra said He answered their prayer.  I want men like that around me as I walk through this life too.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling

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