Mary was in deep sorrow because of Jesus' death.  She went to the tomb hoping to find some comfort in honoring the Lord's body only to find that the body was missing this only multiplied her sorrow.  Finally she met the resurrected Christ and her sorrow was turned to joy!

1.  Search for Joy - Mary was looking for Jesus and as long as she did not have assurance of the resurrection she was in sorrow.
2.  Source of Joy - Mary was looking for Jesus.  She knew He was the source of joy.  Most people today are searching for joy but they do not know that Jesus is the only source.
3.  Sharing Joy - Mary went to the disciples with the message of joy - Jesus is alive!

Joy is the acquisition and anticipation of good from God.  If I will look at every issue in my life that brings sorrow, pain or loss through the truth of the resurrection, I will experience joy.  Psalm 30:5 , “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.”

Walk with the Lord and find joy in the resurrected Christ!!!

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