We are instructed that blessed (happy, joyful, fulfilled) are those who learn, keep and obey God's Word.

1. Law (torah) - instruction, teaching v.1
2. Testimonies (edah) - witness v.2
3. Ways (derek) - manner, course v.3
4. Precepts (piqquo) - principle, injunction v.4
5. Statutes (choq) - prescription, requirement v.5
6. Commandments (mitsvah) - authoritative orders v.6
7. Judgments (mishpat) - decision,verdict v.7

I must meditate daily on the Word of God and saturate myself with understanding of His truth. I must keep them before me as the authoritative guide or compass for my life. It is when I obey what God shows me that He is pleased and I am blessed!

Walk with the Lord and follow God's Word!!!

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