This section begins with the apostle Paul asking, "Who shall I please, God or man?"  I'm going to stop here to say that there are a lot of men even so called preachers that have become man pleasers.  Really, I am responsible to God alone.  There may be a time when people who are in authority will ask me, (possibly even order me) to take a different view on gay marriage and on abortion.  So in that time, I need to make a choice.  I will know what to choose. 

Paul next tells them that he didn't get the gospel of Christ in an ordinary way, but he got it by the revelations of Jesus Christ.  I need to explain what that means.  When I started preaching in 1957, I preached from this little book called the Bible
, which is the Word of God.  This is God's revelation today.  I am not to add to it, nor take anything away.  However, Paul got what he got through special revelation.  It was the risen Christ directly revealing Himself to Paul.  The miracle is that Paul got exactly the same message that the Apostles got though he never spent any time with them or even spoke with them.  It is something like Daniel getting Nebuchadnezzar's dream relating to the four (or should I say five) empires which we read in Daniel chapter 2.  Paul claims himself to be separated from his mother's womb and called by His grace to reveal His Son in him.  He didn't go to Jerusalem to learn more, but he went to Arabia.  It was Christ all the way in Paul's life. 

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