This passage describes the account of creation.  I want to clarify here that according to Hebrews 1:2-3, Jesus Christ was very present as Creator.  This is the very One who came into this world putting His little feet in the manger at Bethlehem's stable.  Now one by one we read about the creation of different things.  When we come to these verses we already have had four verses establishing light and darkness, sun and moon and night and day.  Next we see the creation of the animals found in the sea and air on the fifth day of creation.  On the sixth day we read about the creation of all the land animals and man.  I will expound more in the next paragraph on the creation of man.  What I do want to say here is that God was pleased and we find recorded that everything was good.  Sin had not yet stained his perfect creation at this point in time.

Next we find the words:  "Let us make man in our image" making God a plurality of Divine Persons. Man would not completely know this until the New Testament times where we now know Him as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  The creation of man is unique in that man is created in the image of God.  This sixth day presents to us both male and female which together we call mankind.  Much more detail is given about the process of making man than was given about the other animals.  Man was special above all the other creatures made so far.  It is recorded that he was formed from the dust of the earth and God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and he became a living spirit or soul.  Man was given dominion over the whole of the animal kingdom and work in the perfect garden God has made for him.  Lastly we read that God rested on the Sabboth.  Did God need to rest?  Obviously not, but we find spiritual truth about this rest and day of worship throughout the rest of the Bible.  A day of rest and worship was for the benefit of all of mankind. 

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