It was a big mistake for Abram to go to Egypt, especially when God said I will bless you in this place Canaan.  Famine or no famine, he should have stayed where God promised to bless him.  He was rich but should he have gotten his riches from Egypt and a lie?  There is a phrase saying "Lot went with him."  Do we have someone younger age wise, or perhaps spiritually immature in the Lord who are observing every move we make?  Could it be that our choices are steering them in the wrong direction?  As Christians we have the world watching us.  We can either steer them towards Christ or towards the world by the choices we are making.

Next we see more choices being made, but this time Abram made the right choice and Lot didn't.  They had to separate because of their riches.  Don't you see how riches can cloud our vision and get in the way of living a life filled with wise choices?  Abram allows Lot to make his choice first.  Lot chose the land that looked like Egypt.  However, his choice led him closer to Sodom and Gommorah which God later destroyed.  Lot escaped with only the clothes on his back and even lost his wife as a result of her turning to look back after they were warned not to.

God now turns to Abram and promises him blessing for his choice. God promises him the rest of the land and He always keeps His promise.  Sometimes believers make choices that turn out to be disastrous.  We either turn toward a godly life or a worldly life.  Our decisions do make a difference and particularly on those under our influence who may follow in our footsteps.   

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