In this passage we are already past the account of the first sin of Adam and Eve.  We have also passed the account of Abel's rightful act of worship and the murder of Abel by his own brother Cain.  Then there is Cain's demise for going out and away from the presence of God.  Even though we read that Adam had other sons and daughters, we have a special recorded act in the birth of Adam's son Seth.  It is at this time that we find that people began to call upon the LORD.  There is hope that not all of mankind will choose to travel down the road of sin. 

In Chapter 5 we find the record of the generations of men from Adam down through Noah.  The verses I have for today's blog just take us up to the man named Canaan.  However, I think I will give a special note to the man Enoch.  He was special in that we are told that he walked with God.  This basically gives evidence to the fact that God gave all of mankind a choice to make and that choice lies directly on every individual.  We're told that Enoch walked with God and that God took him directly to heaven without dying.  One very interesting fact that I find to be special is that Enoch named his son Methusaleh.  According to the dictionary of names, it means:  when he dies it will come.  What will come?  The flood.  He was the oldest living man.  He died the very year that Noah entered the Ark with his family and a remnant of people were saved.  It wouldn't surprise me if he might have actually observed Noah and his sons while they were building the ark since it took over 100 years to complete. 

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