This Psalm is a call to thanksgiving!  The refrain "for His mercy endureth forever" is illustrated by God's actions toward His people.

1.  LORD - (Jehovah) v.1 - Our redeemer - His actions as redeemer are noted in v. 10-15,24

2.  God - (Elohim) v.2 - Our creator - His actions as creator are noted in v. 5-9

3.  Lord - (Adonai) v.3 - Our master - His actions as master are noted in v. 16-26

God is faithful to redeem me from bondage but He does not just leave me there.  As Master, God leads me with protection, provision, and even correction to victorious living.  Give thanks for what God has done to protect me, to provide for me and to correct me in my life.

Walk with the Lord and give thanks to God!!!

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