Let me pause here to write about my father.  I have considered him very eccentric. However now that I am in my 80’s (he only made it to 74) I find myself quite eccentric too.  However he always had a purpose in all he did and I have too.  Even though he didn’t spank I learned from him.  He didn’t know Christ in his early years but had a good sense of right and wrong.  As I look back I did learn a lot from him.
I value God’s chastening.  When I came to Christ I was not a very nice man, but I valued everything I learned through His word.
Because of our walk with God if our hands are hanging down or if we have feeble knees we must strengthen them.  Lame Christians have never been a help to others.  I never analyzed what it means to fall short of the grace of God.  I don’t like the word saved by grace alone.  However we must be careful about bitterness.  Many are affected by a bitter person in God’s family.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling

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