Paul shares with Timothy the proper description of a godly woman.

1.  Her Apparel - modest dress means not standing out inappropriately in any way.  Not standing out as provocative or flirtatious so that you are all about immorality.  Not standing out as glamorous so that you are all about money.  Not standing out as rebellious so you are all about independence and social trends.

2.  Her Activity  - subjection means Christ-like humility - though equal with God the Father, Christ yielded His will to the Father's will. In like manner godly women submit to their husbands.

3.  Her Advantage - saved in childbearing means a woman will find her greatest satisfaction and meaning in life, not in seeking the male role, but in fulfilling God’s design for her as wife and mother with all “faith, love, and holiness with propriety”

Walk with the Lord and honor godly women!!!

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