This chapter is all about love.  We are to be living representatives of God's love.  It has been transferred to us through Jesus.  His spirit lives in every believer and gives us the ability to express this kind of love.  The first aspect of His love is in the way in which we speak.  Without love it is just meaningless noise.  With love our words can heal wounds. 

The next is how much I understand of the true Word of God, especially the so called prophetic writings.  I can be a real whiz at scripture knowledge but if not shared in the love of God it will not impact lives that way it was meant to.   Faith is the same way.  I know there are spiritual mountains that need to be moved but we must be careful to act in a loving way.   Love does everything in the right way.  Even the kindness of giving to the needs of others must be done in a loving way or it may be done with a prideful heart. 

Next we have a list of what love is and does.  It is patient, not prideful, does not rejoice in wrong motives.  To walk in the right way we must ask in love.   We can boast about prophecies which will eventually fail and tongues will cease.  All these early church gifts eventually ceased to be but love will live on forever. Paul say now abides faith, hope and love.  The greatest of these is love.  We must use it, or lose it!

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