This is a story of a man of God with a strange guest.  He was ordered by God to go to King Jeroboam and tell him about the wickedness of a more convenient worship of establishing two calves and alters to keep the people from going to Jerusalem where God put His name.
This man of God was given a task that was worthwhile. He followed it up faithfully even to telling Jeroboam what would happen in the days to come.  He was successful in every way.  He was given an invitation by Jeroboam to come and eat with him whom he by God’s command refused.  This man of God followed perfectly even to going home another way.  We could call him successful in every way.  Now for the rest of the story about an old so called prophet persuaded by lying, came to eat with him which led to his demise and eventually his death.
What do I learn from this?  God’s word is precise and I must follow it that way.  I don’t have the right to listen to people who would change it and follow in their ways.  We are not to follow any attraction or suggestion that would carry us off the godly path we are to walk.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling

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