In these verses we are introduced to a wicked king named Omri and after his death one of the most wicked of all his sons Ahab ruled the northern kingdom of Israel.  He married a lady named Jezebel who introduced more wickedness.
In those days a man named Heil built the city of Jericho.  Whoever rebuilt it would do so at the cost of his eldest son and finish it at the cost of his youngest son and this actually happened according to I Kings 16:34.
Then we are introduced to Elijah who said to King Ahab that it would not rain until he said so.  He then is instructed by God to go to the brook Cherith and hide and the ravine would feed him.  God does some interesting things.  Ravens (carrion birds) would feed him with meat every day until eventually the brook would dry up.  Then more instructions would come from God.
I try to find my own instructions from God in relation to what I find in these stories.  Now I have not been fed by Ravens lately but God’s ways with Elijah are very instructive and we can learn by them.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling

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