If we want God to prove Himself, He will do it.  I am certain it is probable not in the same manner as in this story.  The first thing in order to make this sacrifice the alter had to be prepared.  we cannot be successful in our Christian life if our altar is broken. When I think of an altar, I think of worship.  If our alter is broken down worship will cease.

   Next he laid twelve stones on the altar recognizing the oneness of Israel, even though there was now three factions of Israel.  there was the Northern and Southern kingdoms, and the two and one half tribes outside the boundaries of Israel.  In our church age, I see a divided people.  How can there be strength from god in a people as divided as the church is today? 

Next God is the One who answers, this time by fire. It is not so much the mode but that He does answer.  Fire came down from Heaven and burned the sacrifice and licked up the water in the trench.

I look at this story, and I want to say something about the life of Elijah.  We can't expect to have all kinds of things from God if our life is not near to Him.  I want to work with God enough to know that I need Him and He is always there. 

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