In the society we live we are more safe in our environment if we are followers of good.  I am not sure about the statement about happiness when we suffer for doing good, but it is the word of God and I must accept it that way.  So far I have not experienced that so I can't say.  The term sanctify the Lord God in your hearts means that Christ should be everything to me and when the time comes that someone would ask me why I live like I live, I can tell them that they need the Lord Jesus Christ, and they can have the same kind of heart happiness I have.  Then I can lead them to trust Christ for eternal happiness.  A conscience is what Adam and Eve got when they ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.   However, there are people with a good conscience and evil consciences.  When we trust Christ and live for Him we have a sanctified conscience and believe me it does make a difference.  Christ the totally "Just One"  suffered for me the not just one. He brought me to God through the blood of His cross.  Now I am free.  Baptism never washed my sins away, but it is a figure of what Christ has done in His death and resurrection.  Noah's life is a type of the perfect safety we have in Christ.  Now Christ is gone into Heaven and everything in this world is subject to Him.  
Mihai Murineanu
6/18/2013 12:35:15 am

I didn't understand v. 19 very well. It implies that Jesus proclaimed the Gospel to the spirits in hell. Also 1 Pet 4:6 says that the Gospel was preached also to the dead. I know that we were all dead (separated from God) before we get saved. But that is everybody before we accept Christ. The Gospel could not have been preached then to any living people from this point of view. We were all separated from God. Does that mean that "dead" means literally people who died physically? Peter said that the Gospel was ALSO preached to them who are dead. That means that it was preached to the ones who live for sure. Can anybody help me understand these verses better?

Pastor Andy
6/18/2013 04:47:33 am

Hopefully Tuesday's post will help to clarify. Thanks for reading Mihai!


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