In our first verse for today (v 13) we see those who are called Christians are to be followers of that which is good. We are not to follow the evil ways of the world.  Right now somewhere in the world there are some Christians suffering because they are followers of Christ.  Sanctify the Lord God in your hearts means to set Him apart as the principle figure in our lives.  We are to be ready to give an answer for the reason for our faith  and it is still much easier to do here in our free Western society compared to say North Korea or Iran. When we answer others we need to show them the hope we have in Christ.  Be prepared for ridicule because Christ is not honored by all people.  I am sad to say that sometimes Christians hide their light.

Perhaps you’ve heard the term ‘good conscience.’  Before Adam and Eve sinned by disobeying God and eating the forbidden fruit, they were innocent but when they sinned they knew right away that they had done something wrong and they hid.  Why you might ask?  Well God made us all with a conscience but we were meant to know evil, only good.  What Adam and Eve now had was the knowledge of both good and evil.  This is what atheists wonder about sometimes, but we know the history of where our conscience came from.  I want to say something about Christ going to preach to the spirits now in prison.  We know that Christ was from eternity past.  Some say He went to hell when He died.  He told the dying thief on the cross that today he would be with Him in paradise.  However if Christ was from eternity couldn’t the spirit of Christ be in the preaching of Noah as it was in Moses and all the Prophets?  Baptism is a picture of the work that Christ did on the cross for us.  I accepted Christ and then was baptized because I wanted to make a testimony of who I am now in Christ.  I live a life as a saved person.  Being immersed in water did not save me.  Christ is now gone into heaven and angels and authorities and powers are subject to Him.

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