David and Saul’s son Jonathan were what I call bosom friends.  Now David felt that Saul wanted to kill him, which of course finally turned out to be true.  They devised a plan of warning if it turned out to be true.  The devising of the plan is what we have in our verses today.
The rest of this blog I do want to say something about friendship.  It cost something for Jonathan to be a friend of David.  His loyalty to his father cost him something too and eventually his life.  Later after Saul and Jonathan died David wrote a wonderful song.
​We find it in 2 Samuel 1:19-27.
I want to end this with a little about Christian friendship.  It cost Jonathan a lot to be a friend of David.  On our account we belong to the household of God meaning we are family.  In countries where persecution exists there is a great cost, but possibly more rewarding than our country where freedom is ours.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling

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