This chapter begins the first recorded letter to the Thessalonians believers.  The majority of this letter is upbeat and complimentary of the Christians there.  In verse 6 there is a very pleasant statement in that they were followers of Paul and his evangelistic team.  The people followed Paul because he was an example of a true follower of Christ.  In Philippians 3:17 Paul says this: "Be followers together of me" and in in another verse says: "as I follow Christ."  This area was strategically located and the believers became great examples to two vast regions of people.  Because of their testimony of believing in Christ and walking in His ways, it made Paul's work in that region much easier. 

Now the people of that region gave the testimony that Paul and his men did very well by preaching Christ and salvation to the Thessalonians.  Verse 10 tells us that they were so impacted by Paul's message that they turned from their idols to follow and serve Christ.  The phrase that thrills me most is that they turned to God to wait for His Son from Heaven.  This truth speaks of what we will see in chapter 4 which is the event we call the Rapture.  This is the very thing I am waiting for.  The thought of this thrills me now more than when I first accepted Christ fifty nine years ago!

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