The first thing I have to do here is define in my mind lowly. According to the next verse
it must be opposite of wealthy. In our Gideon prayer meeting this morning we read
Matthew 6. It ends up with seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness etc.  So we hear that in Christ we must adhere to a leveling process that we must go along with.
Then we have a man who is blessed if he endures severe trial.  Reminds me of Job.  Don't you think as I do that the devil sat back and said, "I've been had!" when he sees the end of the story.  The rest of the story for us is do we give in to sin or do we resist to victory.  We should never blame God if we don't come through.  I find that the good things come from God but I have no way sometimes of labeling the good and bad.  I want to finish with the word first-fruits.  Suppose a man has a ripe field of grain.  He takes a handful and takes it to the priest. I want to be the finest first fruit honoring God in all my ways.

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