Who am I and what do I want out of this life?  These are good questions and they need answers from within my very soul.  Someone asked a very wealthy man what it would take to satisfy him.  The answer was just a little.  A man once advertised that he would give his farm to anyone who was completely satisfied.  Many come by and didn’t succeed in convincing him that they were completely satisfied.  Then a man came by that had almost everything to satisfy him.  The farmer said to him. “If you are so satisfied, why do you want my farm?” this story is likely fictitious.
Now the last verse 5 is interpreted two ways.  One would be our spirit. The other would be the Holy Spirit reaching in the New King James who dwells in us yearns jealously.  If I belong to God can’t the Holy Spirit be jealous if I want to go completely my own way? This is why Christians have trouble one with another.  The Holy Spirit is grieved when this happens.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling

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