I am going to dwell on one phrase in this whole group of verses.  That is miserable comforters are you all. I don’t know whether there was just the three men or whether there were more which we would call bystanders. However three seemed to do all the accusing.  We do know a young man named Elisha who would talk later could have been there already.
A miserable comforter is a person who comes to someone who is really sick and doesn’t have a voice that heals the hurt.
I have been a visitation pastor for many years.  Do I always know what to say for someone who is hurting?  However in my experience I have found that I am to comfort not accuse.  Even when I know part of the trouble may have been due to life style choices of the person hurting. I have learned that it is better that they tell me what is wrong than me telling them.  Also I ask God how I should answer them.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling

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