Here in these verses Job is saying he would like to get with God to ask Him about why things were happening to him the way they were.  But then we have a profound statement from Job in verse 10. “But He knows the way that I take.” When He has tested me I shall come forth as gold.”  Gold tried in the fire is purified. Is this what Job meant? I think I have seen people (Christians) purified in that way.
The last thing I want to express is what Job says in verse 12. “I have not departed from the commandment of His (Gods) lips I have treasured the words of His mouth more that my necessary food.” I find that true in my own life.  There is a television program “My 600 lb Life” which is interesting but I stay away from it. It seems like eating is almost all they can do. Then the crisis comes and they must lose the weight.  God’s word should be like that to us.  We should love it and can’t get enough of it.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling

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