In verse 2 there is a phrase which I will dwell on only for a moment, “That to contend with the Almighty”.  Since I am not anywhere near almighty it would be useless.  Yet if people don’t allow God to rule their lives they are doing just that. I see it all over our country and the world.
Jobs answer to it all is I am vile.  What shall I answer you? We have heard many arrogant things said about God.  Madeline Murray O’Hare said many things about God.  She was destroyed and we don’t even know how.  Her own son, Bill Murray became a preacher of the God she wanted to destroy.
The rest is more rebuke.  However I would like to dwell on verse 14. God tells Job, “Then I will confess that your own right hand can save you. Isaiah says in chapter 53:2 of Christ the arm (right hand) of God and He can save us.  I can’t do it myself.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling


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