What we have in this chapter is Job’s answer to Bildad the Shuhite after Job is accused of being punished from imagined fault.  Job says in verse 21 I am blameless yet I do not know myself.  He speaks of God’s sovereignty, “He destroys the blameless and the wicked.” This was and is of course truth and what is the reason we don’t always know.  I am not one to question what God does.
In verse 25 Job uses an interesting expression, “Now my days are swifter than a runner”. (Post KJV) Nothing is faster than one of those fellows.  Job had nothing to do but sit on a refuse dump with three men constantly accusing him of things he wasn’t guilty of.
The rest of the chapter Job responds with questions which to me cannot be answered except by God Himself.  We may be thinking what we would do if we were in Job’s position.  He would like to ask God why. We do find at the end of the book God does respond, but not at Job expected.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling

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