In our first verse we read today, we read that the Jews took up stones to throw at Jesus.  In the beginning of John we are told that Jesus was the Creator.  To me it is ironic that His chosen people should throw stones at their Creator.  More than that all His works among them were good works.  Why would you stone a man like that?  Further more He also was telling them He was as much God being sent of the Father.  I am going to leave the rest of these verses as at the end of the chapter many did believe on Him. 
Now what I want to emphasize is that even in our day, despite all the miracles I see in creation, many are oblivious to it and don't care.  I do believe that is where I was once upon a time.  Now after 65 years of faith in Jesus Christ even the very creation is very real to me.  However I also believe some would even stone Him today.
​Written by Pastor Curt Darling

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