In a previous verse 35 Jesus wept.  I have thought about this as He was to bring Lazarus out of that grave.  Now in our verse we find Jesus groaning.  Many preachers have tried to explain this.  All I will say is Jesus knew how this situation came about and why.  He knew what He had to do in just a few days.  When I talk to people about the Gospel, I tell them if they pray to receive Him, they in His person, would be on that cross and so was I.  His groans were for me and Lazarus too.
Then Jesus thanks the Father that this was not for Himself but for the people at the tomb.  Jesus communication with the Father was intense and  he was there sometimes all night.  I can't explain all that now can any of us who preach, but I grasp what I can get by my divine teacher the Holy Spirit of God.  When Jesus said roll away the stone Martha was still skeptical but Jesus called out Lazarus come forth and that was it.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling

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