Jesus begins by saying that He could say much more to them but they were not ready to hear at that  point of time.  The Holy Spirit would point them to the whole truth about who Jesus is and why the cross was and everything after the cross. He would not exalt Himself and if there was any glory it was to go to Christ.  When I see preaching exalting the Holy Spirit I feel that this  is way out in left field. 
Now there was a quiet conversation about where Jesus was going.  How could they know?  Jesus told them about the cross and they would not hear it.  I don't blame them.  We have the whole New Testament and still many Christians have not understood it.
Next Jesus promised them that they would lament and mourn because the cross was coming up.  At the moment Jesus gives a comparison of a woman in travail waiting to be delivered of a baby.  There would be a time when it was over and rejoicing would begin.  We live of rejoicing the whole outcome . It will only be realized when we all get to Heaven safe in the arms of Jesus. Is that your outlook  or should I say uplook?

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