I could say much about why Peter decided to go fishing at this time.  In Matthew 16:18-19 because of Peter's confession of Christ (the rock Jesus referred to) Jesus used that as the basis of the building up of Christ's church.  The word "you" here is not said to be singular but all the Apostles that were given the so called keys in the building of the church.
​It is no surprise to me that all who were with Peter decided to go with him.  I wonder if it is Peter's old boat that he now hasn't used for three years because of following Jesus becoming a fisher of men.
After all night Jesus is standing on the shore and after asking them if they caught anything He tells them to cast out the net and I have no doubt that Jesus filled the net.
After breakfast Jesus has something to say to Peter which I believe he will never take up the old fishnet again and now since Jesus resurrection became the fisher of men he was supposed to be as Jesus instructed.  He is also to be feeder of Jesus lambs and His sheep.  I went a little farther than our prescribed verses today, but this I could not help.  My question is, "Is Jesus working with me like He worked with Peter?"
​Written by Pastor Curt Darling

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