In these verses I find interesting thoughts.  First, the Passover was in  the beginning, a feast of Jehovah.  Here it was a feast of the Jews.  The very Person who the feast was about was now present.  He was appalled at what He found in the temple.  They were using it to sell animals for sacrifice. Making money in the House of the Lord. Jesus, in righteous anger, drove them out.  He called the Temple “My Father’s House”. It was just that.
The Jews ask for some sign that He did what He did.  Jesus said: Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up.  He meant His body, but they used this as a reason to crucify Him.
I notice about Jesus not entrusting to men.  The phrase that He knew all men. A statement that could only be said about God.
The church is now the temple made up of living stones.  We must be careful not to misuse it for the purpose of just making money and ever misusing our own bodies in a way dishonoring to God.
Written by Curt Darling

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